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We are never alone. Take your heart for a walk this Winter and listen to the magic whisper of old trees. They live in deep time – in a way that we do not. I decided to elevate my woodland walks by going to the back country, and let me tell you – it’s so sweet in the deep! Trees and I have a new relationship. Folklore has given us a world of knowledge about trees. Here I wish to share who I met, their personalities and remedies for your interest. I remember the first time as a child when I rested against a giant tree. At once I received a dose of positive energy and strength followed by a serene state of stillness. Time to re- member your sensations when meeting trees in your Winter walks.

Nature was our first medicine. On an interesting note, physicians in Scotland’s Shetland Islands are now issuing “nature prescriptions” as a healthy supplement. It is also recommended to live in mountain areas where fir trees function as natural treatment systems. As always, please include your physician on healing methods. Many activities such as lake kayaking, bird watching, and forest walking can soothe the body, mind and soul. In addition to asking for healing – what kind of relationship can you establish for their good as well? Remember – healing with trees is a relationship.

Trees are the planet’s natural antenna to the Universe and provide the ideal channel for interacting with higher planes of power. There are two types of trees: those that provide energy to weakened organs and those who absorb negative energies and prepare for a healthy energy load. Trees whose leaves are red alleviate joint disorders and work with bone health. Trees with yellow leaves and flowers strengthen kidney, stomach, pancreas, liver, spleen, bladder and cerebral cortex. Green loaded trees are recommended to treat lung, heart, breast and thymus diseases. In Autumn, trees that fall their leaves have an energy decrease of 70% from the Spring. Trees that don’t fall leaves have an energy decrease from Autumn to Spring of only 25%. Note the time of season when working with trees.

conifer tree healing, tree healing

OAK TREE: was my first encounter at a lower altitude where I gained empowerment and endurance for the walk. This energy is very strong and can create a pleasant dizziness. Nothing can stand in your way. If you are ready to “give up”, a therapy with this tree is helpful. Maximum strength is after 9pm.

Working with Oak Tree:

Combine the power of Oak with geometric force – make a triangular pyramid of thin branches and wrap with red string. Hold for 10 minutes for inner strength to return to you.

Tree breathing can be done for initial connection with all trees. Place hands palms out toward tree and exhale toward the tree. Inhale their response back into your hands with palms facing you. Always ask permission of the tree to connect.

Being in the woods ignited the simplest transactions of the forest. Creating a small mandala with treasures found on the earth and placing it by the roots of an Oak tree resulted in instant connection. Now I want to come back and visit with this new ole’ friend. Try it and see the lasting effects it has on your smiling soul. Onward!

ASH TREES: As I traveled up in altitude, groupings of one of these trees invited me to gather together the strength of my will. It was getting more difficult to walk. The tree biceps allow a strengthening of resistance to disease and act on the human psyche as well. ASH trees have a bitter astringent herb that is known for treating arthritis and fevers. In TCM, it cools Liver Yang/Drains Liver Fire/ Dries Dampness, Drains Damp Heat and Dispels Wind Damp. These trees attract lightning so don’t stand under one during an electrical storm. It is the sacred World Tree to the Norse, Druid and Celtic people.

Working with Ash Tree:

A bundle of leaves left open at night in the bedroom increase immunity and promotes spirituality. Remember to close the bag in the morning. The bark also helps with skin rashes.

DOUGLAS FIR TREES: gave me instant relief in breathing at high altitude. They are associated with protection and offer anti- inflammatory, expectorant and sedative properties. They fortify the body during illness and support respiratory heath. Perhaps this is why a walk in an evergreen forest frees your breath and relaxes your mind.

Working with Douglas Fir Tree:

Years ago, fir trees were used as a cleansing smoke. Today a tree crest in the house removes negative energy. It is good to have a small pine tree in a pot in the house. In thanks, repot it outside when the time comes. Pine energy loading is very fast. Other trees take longer but also have more lasting influence. It depends on your intention.

KITCHEN FARMACY: Remedy: Boil and simmer 5 liters of water and 5 hands of Douglas Fir tree buds for 5 minutes. Cool for 30 minutes, filter and put in bath. Skin absorbs the substance of the fir and provides a calming effect – soothing muscles, joints and skin disorders.

Remedy: Douglas Fir tree tea combines 1 oz dried Douglas Fir tips, ½ oz dried stinging nettle, ½ oz reishi chunks, ½ oz Oregon grape root, ½ oz cinnamon chips. Blend for uniform size. Simmer one tablespoon in 10 oz water for 20 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey. Gather Victoria includes many tree recipes for you to create.

Enjoy your climb, sit, breathe, make a friend and love TREES


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