Upcoming Events

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February 12 – Yoga in Nature on Facebook

February 13 – Wellness in the Woods at Magpie Meander

February 19 – Breathing with Trees on Facebook

February 27 – Wellness in the Wood at North Shields Ponds

Qi Gong for Mind/Body Health

Evidenced based tools are taught using the mind, body and breath through meditation and gentle movement techniques of the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong. This course will give you over 30 methods to balance your energy. Honoring the authenticity of Chinese Medicine, the instructor integrates this practice with western science to support the life enhancing practice of Qi Gong.

TBA Fall 2021 10 a.m.– Noon MT

Change Your Mind, Change Your Pain

Learn about integrative medicine, energy medicine, causes of inflammation, and explore applications to relieve pain. Change your mind and change your pain to put health back into your own hands with easy-to-learn mind-body techniques.

TBA Fall 2021 10 a.m.– Noon MT

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