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Learning to breathe with the trees is beneficial, easy, and fun. Connect with your own nature by spending time in nature. Whether it is a short walk, looking out the window at greenery, or gazing upon indoor plants, nature heals. You will learn the healing properties of various species, guided imagery for your walk, how to share energy and breathing with trees practice.

Location: Online Course # OSHR9008

May 13 & 20, 2022 from 10 am to 12 noon

There are many free walks in town. I will be at the following through the Natural Areas:

May 21 Bobcat Ridge - Astronomy Night

June 12 Red Fox Meadows - Yoga in Nature

July 24 Riverbend - Qi Gong in Nature

August 14 McMurry - Yoga in Nature

September 25 Gateway - Qi Gong in Nature

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