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3-6-9 Breath 

We circulate Qi (vital energy) throughout the meridians (energy pathways) in our bodies. There are three Dan Tien that we use in the 3-6-9 Breath Method. The Dan Tien are energetic centers in the body that the meridians pass through to restore and re-energize their Qi.

Breathing with the Trees - The Health Benefits of Walking Among Trees


The Health Benefits of Walking Among Trees is easy and fun. Connect with your own nature by spending time in nature. Whether it is a short walk, looking out the window at greenery, or gazing upon indoor plants, nature heals. You will learn the healing properties of various species, guided imagery for your walk, and how to share energy and breathing with trees practice.


10:00AM to 12:00PM

May 07, 2024 and May 14, 2024 - Use this link to register.

QiGong on the Sylvan Dale Ranch

Forest Qi Gong: Enjoy a peaceful walk while experiencing the pleasure of nature through all the senses.

Gong Voyage: Still feeling the peacefulness of the walk, enjoy a relaxing and healing immersion in sound. Bring a blanket and possibly a pillow to enhance your comfort as you experience the surprising and powerful vibrations of the gong.  Instructors: Madeline Marchell and Kathy Dickson

May, June, and July sessions 2024: TBA

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