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3-6-9 Breath 

We circulate Qi (vital energy) throughout the meridians (energy pathways) in our bodies. There are three Dan Tien that we use in the 3-6-9 Breath Method. The Dan Tien are energetic centers in the body that the meridians pass through to restore and re-energize their Qi.

QiGong on the Sylvan Dale Ranch

Forest Qi Gong: Enjoy a peaceful walk while experiencing the pleasure of nature through all the senses.

Gong Voyage: Still feeling the peacefulness of the walk, enjoy a relaxing and healing immersion in sound. Bring a blanket and possibly a pillow to enhance your comfort as you experience the surprising and powerful vibrations of the gong.  Instructors: Madeline Marchell and Kathy Dickson

October 29 from 10-12 (weather permitting) - Use this link to register.

Late Spring sessions 2024: TBA

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