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Tapping into Winter Spirit

We are now entering the Winter Season.

Water Element: houses the “Zhi”

KI24 And then there is the ‘dark night of the soul’ feeling, as if our Spirit has truly died. How to find hope in a single breath? You have access to a powerful and constant source of vitality. Re-member and connect to your authentic self.

Location: In the third intercostal space, 2 cun lateral to the midline. (2 inches). Note that in men the nipple typically lies in the fourth intercostal space. The point is between the mid-line and the nipple line. (cun = anatomical inch. 1 cun is equal to the width of your thumb tip)

The ‘Zhi’ is our willpower. This spirit-mind is stored in the Kidneys, our deepest “essence”. The emotion of Kidney can be fear, while the virtue is wisdom. It houses the “life gate fire” and is Yang in nature. The Kidneys are also associated with the Water element which is Yin. Both aspects apply to ‘Zhi’.

Do you recall experiences where fear of unknown transforms into experience-based wisdom? The Yin Will involves trust and faith. The Yang Will has to do with fundamental decisions that allow outcomes to come to pass. When Kidney Qi is weak, there is a lack of willpower or fear of aging and depression. On the other hand, the ‘Zhi’ can become destructive and result in recklessness.

In Conclusion. Let’s recap:

The Schoolhouse of your Soul resides in the five seasons of your life. All the methods mentioned in my last 5 blogs can be thought of as acupressure for the Soul. It is a physical way to refocus our life and reactivate participation in destiny. It is a good idea to reread these blogs that show how to connect with your Soul parts as each season begins.

Spring houses the ‘Hun’. The ‘Hun’ wandering quality is its’ purpose and nature. It has its’ own level of consciousness in the ability to connect and disengage with the Mind.

Summer houses the ‘Shen’. The ‘Shen’ represents your consciousness and identity. Show up in the world as your most authentic self.

Late Summer houses the ‘Yi’. The ‘Yi’ has to do with thought and intention. Keep your motivation moving forward.

Fall houses the ‘Po’. The ‘Po’ spirit level helps to unite emotions, body and spirit. Be connected to all things.

Winter houses the ‘Zhi’. The ‘Zhi’ houses our vitality and willpower. It is a time to take a deep dive into your own wisdom.

Take time to contemplate these virtues. Give them attention so you can be your best and most authentic self. Enjoy every season with your whole, true self. A clear Soul always feels home in its body regardless of the individual's location. Our bodies are the physical expression of our Souls, let's take them home by clearing our Souls.

Go from nowhere in life to knowhere in life.

This article is an excerpt from a larger workshop called ‘Soul Power Healing’ – Madeline Marchell


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