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Hi I'm Madeline Marchell, otherwise known as ShaMom.  My lifelong training in Integrative Healthcare is being an educator and therapist in Energy Medicine.  I focus on enhancing wellness through mind, body and spirit while engaging the client as a whole.

Society sees me as a mother, daughter, wife, yoga therapist, shamanic practitioner, massage therapist, traveler and nature lover.  With 40 years experience, I continue to ride my wave. Sometimes the tide has risen high with love and adventure – like falling in love, the birth of my children and choosing healing as a career. The tide also ebbs to the other side of energy into stillness, nothingness and wisdom.  While surfing though life, I have learned to love more deeply. I became more aware and connected.  When I have the courage to take action, energy wakes up like a sleeping dragon.  I take my cues from Nature where the possibilities are endless.

​My mantra is “put health back into your own hands”. Learn and practice self care through the union of Energy Medicine modalities.

Hospital Qi Gong
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