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Services of Natural Healing include:

Wellness Walk: Walking the nature trail is an immersion  experience.  There is nothing to figure out.  Nature has an intuitive sense for what we need.  This unique walk will leave you feeling rejuvenated and alive.

Shamanic Therapy:  Acts as a bridge between energy fields and the modern world resulting in healing and balance. Clients who see me are coming for a connection that will take them closer to themselves.

Yoga Therapy:  Hatha-based sessions to unify breath and body, improve mental and physical health. Slow-moving postures improve flexibility and strength. Conclude with relaxing guided imagery to calm body and mind.


Massage Therapist: Acupressure massage is where the client remains fully clothed as gentle pressure is applied to specific meridian/energy points. This massage is recommended for stress, tension and fatigue. Unlock tension trapped in muscles. Regain a feeling of energy flowing freely.


Mature Client/Geriatric Massage “Gentle Touch”: This is a gentle massage for the fully clothed client who can rest on massage table or chair for comfort. Receive the power of healing touch with loving kindness.


Longevity Qi Gong Therapy: This Chinese healing method promotes health and longevity through breathing exercises, self-massage and gentle movement. Release energy blocks within the body to regain life force energy.


Medical Qi Gong Instruction: Course includes self-care and sharing healthcare with others. For further details click here.

To schedule a session or contact ShaMom, please click here.

Yoga Therapy and Gentile Touch
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