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Tapping into your Fall Spirit – what will your legacy be?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Metal Element: houses the ‘Po’. The ’Po’ In Taoist Philosophy, after death, the Hun travels with the spirit and the Po remains with the body to decompose and provide nourishment for the future. It is the facet of soul that leaves a mark in time and space. What will your legacy be?

The ’Po’ integrates with us at our first breath and disintegrates at the end of life with your last breath. The energy of the ’Po’ is your moment-to-moment experiences, instincts, impulses. This spirit level helps to unite emotions, body and spirit. No wonder it is the season of the Lungs. We begin and end on this Astral Plane with a breath.

LU9 Very Great Abyss-Revives Spiritual Connection is used when there is a disconnect with your deeper self. This Meridian invites a lightness of being and strengthens the Lungs. Massage these points. Location: At the wrist crease on the radial side of the radial artery.

I suggest you play with these seasons to find a deeper connection to your own Soul. Affairs are now Soul size, and it’s time to come home to your Within.


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