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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

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Psychedelics in Modern Times are beyond the void and making me annoyed.

We are obtaining knowledge without wisdom at a time in history when technology has grown at lightning speed. There is an alarming rise in commercialization of psychedelics – nothing is sacred. How are these popup retreat centers steering the lemmings? They are making fast food out of ceremony. Is this New Age that has been accepted by society enhancing personal creativity? Nope, it’s fast food. I gather you’ve experienced that brief satisfaction before hunger sets in again. It is a useless cycle.

Having been a child of the 60’s, I notice a huge difference in the elemental drive between these eras.

Psychedelic drugs in the 60’s provoked creativity. For example, the musician – Jimi Hendrix gave new meaning to the melody of the Star Spangled Banner and the artist - Alex Grey created hyper dimensional human forms. In the 60’s there was an intense motto “Make love, not war”. Love was the driving force in taking psychedelics. Achieving the higher self was weaved on a personal basis. A portion of the Baby Boomer generation wished to evolve by the motivating factor of Love. There is something to be said of the appropriate time to take psychedelics – during your personal enlightenment and coming of age. Growth is a painful experience. The whole reason for ritual is to acknowledge that you made it thus far. Without ceremony in growth, you’re not tethered to anything.

We might as well live in our own space capsule.

Today, you can’t be deep when you’ve had a boring life. Corporations offer employees a cubby hole environment. Creativity in a cubby hole for hours daily doesn’t feed the soul. That’s progress in the fast food world of the mind as it has become. Emotions are no longer spoken but messaged by thumbs. Detachment from other humans can be stroked by an app. Finding yourself – there’s an app for that. Human interaction by machinery is a futile attempt to regain love and compassion. The senses have been narrowed down to visuals without the emotional elements of sound and touch.

If you are looking for ecstasy, psychedelics aren’t for you.

Why are these fast food mind retreats becoming attractive? There seems to be a deep detachment of the individual self to itself. “We are One” community minded thinking has buried the pioneer thinking mind. How are these centers cashing in on large groups of people, sometimes 30 or more for the individual’s growth? Many facilitators have not done the work that makes them responsible for handling the human heart. If you find yourself intrigued by these invitations, be sure to do your homework.

Ask questions of the facilitators:

Where were you trained and who trained you?

Do you have the blessing of your trainer?

What specific plant medicine do you practice and what have you encountered in your practice?

Can you give me the history of the medicine and its’ side effects?

Do you have a mental health license or certification?

Being in the presence of someone who can protect your mental health during these experiences can sometimes be greater than receiving it from a shaman deep in the woods. Going to these centers takes more than being referred to by a friend. Ask these questions before handing over your money and your heart.

It is the heartmind that is the greater connection to the higher self.

In Chinese Medicine there is no separate word for the heart and the mind. If you are taking psychedelics for recreational purposes, it is like swimming in a puddle – very shallow. If you are taking it because it helped someone else, you are compartmentalizing it. Remember, you are looking into this for individualized growth. There is a maturity of the soul that can happen at any age. This maturity parallels with the plant medicine archetype. If you are not ready, you may experience a teenage version instead of the grandparent wisdom exchange. I ask you – What Is Your Heart’s Desire?

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