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Happy Trails To You!

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Shamanism Health

Last month I broadened my horizons and made the trail across country from New Jersey to the foothills of Ft Collins, Colorado. Finding new tribe members will accompany us in our journey of evolution. It is time - they are out there waiting.

As a ShaMom, Nature is my family. Summer is in full swing and the finale is on the horizon. Look for Nature’s cues to guide your playful soul as the seasons change. The twinge of dusk and the first star sighted attract us to connect with all things. The veil is thin as the Yang air winds down and the Yin air invites the darkness. Rush to capture the sunset in gratitude. Notice a symphony of evening creatures emerging seamlessly. What is your evening ritual? The Universe speaks to all of us, and we each have our own personal channel.


Summer fun with the Elements reminds us to tap their power and engage in energetic harmony.

ETHER promotes divine essence. Walk barefoot and gather earthly treasures. Create a Mandala to trigger the connection of sacred geometry between yourself and cosmic totality.

AIR promotes movement and growth. Make your wish on the mighty winds as they precede the summer storm. Begin your relationship with the wild spirits of Nature in reverence and wonder.

FIRE promotes transformation. Light candles in honor of the Yin evening stillness. A crackling outdoor fire merges with the horizon of the night sky as they complement each other’s energy. Be aware of your own expansion.

WATER promotes flow. Immerse and be rocked by the soulful sea whenever you can. Dip your feet in cool stream waters. Run through a sprinkler and revisit your childhood.

Next week I will be experiencing a Shamanic adventure in Mt Shasta. The Mountain and I have been close for all my years and waits to share her secrets. I am excited to share with you all the things she teaches in the next newsletter. Until then – HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU!


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