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Updated: Jan 5, 2023


At times, this is your internal computer relaying a message to you and this is all you’ve got. Grounding works to keep you on your life path. When you become what you think you should be, failure occurs. What you need is in your soul. “Your power is in the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” (Kahil Gibran) If you follow your soulseed along life’s path, you will become who you were meant to be – your authentic self. Bingo! Events begin to fall into place and you are content. I use the word content because in Qi Gong, it is a more balanced emotion than happiness.

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How do you connect to your roots when thoughts are blowing you all over the place? Look to Nature for synchronicity clues:

*Your soul contains the seeds and the energetic roots to live your life. Without roots, you can’t bear fruit in life.

*Symptoms are never the root cause of problems. A tree is kept alive by roots, not by leaves.

*Soil is to the flower’s growth – what our karma (life events) is to our growth. Soil provides nutrients and is a barrier that the plant must push through. Difficulties are to us what soil is to the plant. They nurture our growth by teaching and expanding our limits.

Learn to appreciate both the front and the back (all of your karma). Imperfection is real, perfection is not. Allow yourself to grow in a spiral direction to experience the Yin and Yang of life itself.


The WIND is the Goddess who first learned to fly. Think of the Wind as the Earth breathing. Wind communicates with the trees and plants, mountains and seas. Your Breath is the Wind. Here are some easy methods that will help strengthen your roots:

*ELEVATOR BREATH gives you the chance to balance inhale and exhale. Inhale from the ground floor to the first floor, then exhale down from the first floor to the ground floor again. Continue this mind/breath connection to as many floors as you feel comfortable. If inhaling to the fifth floor, for instance, begins to strain you – stop. Be comfortable with the number of floors you get to. It will change every time according to how far away you are from grounding (the ground floor)

*CATCH & RELEASE brings the breath down from Yang state to Yin/grounding. Inhale through the nose and visualize the exhale travelling down the shoulders, past the arms, past the hands, and out the finger tips to the earth. Do this for a few rounds. Inhale again through the nose and visualize the exhale travelling down the legs, past the feet, and out the bottom of the feet into the earth.

THREE POINT/PLT Peace, Love Tranquility grounds you into the three download roots that you use every day. Three breath in the Mind and blow in Peace. Three breaths in the Heart and bring in Love. Three breaths in the Belly to feel Tranquility. Which one were you in tune with? Which were you out of touch with? This sequence is good to do at the beginning of the day to see where you are at.

It is healthy for your mind, body and soul to be rooted. A dose of Vitamin G (grounding) every day will get you where your soul purpose lives.

nature, shamanism, shamom, meditation, breath, healing, health, soul

The Answer is blowin’ in the Wind


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