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BELIEF is the first stage of our personal spiritual unfolding. The problem with a BELIEF system is that it is a mental phenomenon of collective thought forms with strong material sentiments attached to them. Remember when you believed something as an absolute truth, and then changed your mind. Thoughts are not always truths.

FAITH is the second stage. In one direction, FAITH can spiral you backward into BELIEF - the first anchor of thoughts. FAITH does not always bring you into direct connection. When FAITH is doing the job correctly, it moves forward, and BELIEF is transcended. You make progress when you don’t believe everything you hear, no matter who says it.

DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF SPIRIT is forward up the hill into the third stage of spiritual unfolding. It is found beyond both BELIEF and FAITH. SPIRIT translates as breath and wind. Your Soul is indwelling from birth to death. SPIRIT is a universal force that is interconnected and extends into all things. You can say that your Soul is the engine and your SPIRIT is the driver. SPIRIT is sometimes referred to as your Essence. When you are not connected to SPIRIT, you are only living in the mind.

I am are talking about direct spiritual connection – not with gods or angels. At this stage, engage the power of an authentic experience and discover the real archetypes. Begin expanding beyond personal self and self-created mythical thought forms that tell you what you want to hear – good or bad. Grow from BELIEF and FAITH. The experience of SPIRIT becomes available when you think outside the box which the mind creates for comfort. Natural mysticism is DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF SPIRIT with the sacred realms and archetypes. Nothing is the same after that!

Talking with Nature brings you home to your own SPIRIT. Watch for clues from Nature. Discover one of your personal archetypes. These forces are etheric in Nature – they take a form that is meaningful to the one whom they have come into relationship with. In Shamanism, we encounter animals, plants, trees…and develop a direct relationship with them. It takes time and commitment, and the results are well worth it.

From personal, Shamanic experience, my association with BirdWoman healed years of pain and a suffering heart that was carried since childhood. I began seeing Hawks in unusual moments and related them to what I was focused on in my thinking mind at the time. Her task was to help me discover my own healing powers. She clued me in with a sense of clarity about my thoughts, that they were not necessarily truths, but baggage for my Heart. I came to realize that her essence was inside of me and I possessed the powers she gave to me – clarity of thought, and keen perception without judgement. Working in her realm gave a clearer perspective to spiritual unfolding. PM ShaMom if you want to learn more about SPIRIT Animals. Reference to them is made in the blog entitled, "When your pet is your spirit animal".

HOW DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF SPIRIT WORKS: Uplift the quality of your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that surrounds the physical body and tells cells what to do. The LEF is the blueprint of the body. It consists of light and vibration, so whatever you vibrate in LEF, you create in your body. For example, dis-ease in the mind promotes disease in the body.

Your physical field state is the Particle State. It is the switch that clicks disease on or off. Uplifting the quality of LEF brings healing to your field state. Mother Nature gives the possibility of breaking into password protected regions of DNA. There are many archetypes on your nature walks that can clue you into your own Experience of SPIRIT. Notice the difference in your vibrational humming after a walk in Nature.

YOUR HERO JOURNEY: Your personal myth can become the story of a Hero’s Journey – facing challenges, overcoming tests…sounds like you? You can break out of the bell curve. If personal myth is not heroic – you remain disempowered. When is the last time you realized that YOU are a HERO? Your personal life experience has gotten you this far. Become the author of your story – the storyteller instead of the actor. You are able to grow into your SPIRIT that heals. “Abracadabra” means “I create as I speak.” We are one with all our relations…time to tap in and Allow Nature to Nurture You.

“When the winter is severe, the pine trees stay green throughout the year. Is it because the Earth is warm and friendly? No, it is because the pine tree within itself has a life restoring power.”


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