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Wild Winds of Autumn Stir Cleansing Health

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

QI TIPS: In October you felt the Forest Descent. By now you begin to encounter morning frost. This is Nature’s “warmup” to winter. Since spending winter in Florida is not an option for all, dress appropriately. Wearing warm socks is like getting a flu shot. Remember to generate internal heat by rubbing ears back and forth. This action strengthens the Kidneys for the coming stage. Visualize a warm, glowing fire in your Dan Tien for the next 6 months. The vertebra associated with this cycle is C4. Inhale and visualize light from C4 spreading through all of your layers.

The season is in full swing with the Metal element, Lung organ, and the emotion of Grief. These offer as barometers for where you are at. It is time to pare down, let go of…such a list! Embrace Metal for its’ strong, focused quality. Are you clear about what really matters to you? Metal invites to distill information into pearls of wisdom. Make space for something better. LI4 is called The Great Eliminator and will bring renewal through emotional release. This acupoint lies at the web of the thumb. Open thumb and forefinger and move opposite thumb into web until you feel the connective tissue between both fingers.

The Lung organ is considered the most exterior organ. It is your first line of defense. Remember that scarf even if it’s sunny. Lung 7 strengthens the organ and promotes descending function of the Lungs. (To locate – make a thumbs up and see depression at base of thumb (anatomical snuffbox. Lung 7 will be two fingers width up your arm.)

Re-frame Grief – begin to follow nature’s lead by pulling inward and letting go. It is quite an adjustment to the energy of our summer. Everything you have experienced in the past two seasons has come to a stage of fulfillment. Time to digest and keep what will nurture you through the next season.

KITCHEN FARMACY: November begins to root us down. Shop now for those Yin root vegetables, including onions for Lung health. Preparing the proper food list for each season helps an easy transition to the next season. Begin to eat bone soup to build the energy of Kidney, the organ of winter. If you reach for fruit that is out of season, make sure it is cooked…mmm pies.

TEAS - Time to sip your favorite or find new ones. Here is a ready list:

Chamomile – relaxation, reduces inflammation

Peppermint/Spearmint – stomach ache, digestion

Licorice Root – sore throat, congestion

Lemon Balm – winter blahs, anxiety

Ginger – pick me up

Stinging Nettle – allergies

Milk Thistle – boost Liver function

MINTY GINGER TEA is one of my favorite winter teas: Prepare 1 quart water and 2” ginger root chopped. Simmer then cover and reduce heat 20 min. Remove from heat and add mint 10 min, chamomile 4 min (any longer and it will become bitter). Strain and add your honey. Please email me your favorite winter tea so that all can benefit from your creativity:


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