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Do you have favorite ways to be outside in Nature? Here are some ideas as Spring begins to open a new seasonal invitation for connection and relationship. You are interconnected fields of sound and light. You are constantly interacting and exchanging with all things outside of yourself. Energy follows intention.

Use all of your senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, see and love.

Being massaged by the Winds

Birding and interpreting their calls

Breathing in Pine trees

Cloud gazing, catching a sunset, star sightings, skying

Holding ancient stones

Noticing the wild softness of courageous buds and shoots peeking out

Paddling with the water flow

Reawakening the relationship with the spirit of your home place

Sitting by a stream and listening to it speak

Watering what you want to grow

Walking on a surface that has ups and downs so that your body adapts to natural terrain

Take a Wellness Walk with Trees: In Qi Gong, Trees benefit the Organ it is associated with. Here is a list for you to play with in your own way:

Tree Apple Poplar Pine Willow

Color Red White Green Yellow

Organ Heart/SI Lungs/LI Liver/GB Spleen/ST

Element Fire Metal Wood Earth

Yoga In Nature - Register to join me in Fort Collins, CO by clicking the links below:

Wonder, Touch, Smell, Taste, Listen, See, Love…


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