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Summer Healing for Heart Energy

Want s’more Qi? Summer, Sun, S’mores and Qi all invite a warm heart.

The element is Fire, organ is the Heart and emotion is Joy. Elements become more pronounced when it is their turn of the season. If you are a Fire type, be careful of over exercising and heat. Take notice to balance. If you are lacking the Fire quality, call to its strength. Power up. Enjoy connecting with friends, laugh, eat watermelon and get to the water. Combine the rays of Heart/Fire with Kidney/Water so that balance and grounding can be felt in true connection. Take time to acknowledge – What warms your Heart?

Why not tap into Sun energy this season with meditation: Walk into the sunlight and gently lower your gaze. Feel the warmth of the Sun bathing your entire self in healing light. Enjoy the breath of Fire that flames in your Heart center. Expand your breath as you exhale toward the Sun. Inhale joy and warmth from the Sun down to your dan tien. Exhale your gift back to the Sun. Feel the deep connection to the Yang energy of the Sun. Nine times is plenty.

Qi Wisdom for Reflection: “Ten thousand flowers in spring, the breeze in summer, the moon in autumn, snow in winter. If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life.” (WuMen)

Qi Blessings of Summer!



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