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Stones, Bones, QiGong and You

Stone Entrance

The bones of the Earth are Stones. Stone beings exist, just like us. Let's discuss Stones, Bones, QiGong and you. They are living material that transform and decompose, just like us. Their origin lies in the bubbling magma, deep within Mother Earth. She has borne them. Without the constant transitioning of stone location and mineral marriage, life on Earth could not evolve. Think about that… In this blog, I will share with you how to integrate Stones into Qi Gong Practice.

This is the second in a series about my relationship with the elements of Nature. I began with my relationship with Trees – a sacred connection to the Wood Wide Web. I move to Stones, the bones of the Earth, where we both reside in life and in death. Stones can amplify the connection between humans and the energy of the Earth. In traditional Chinese philosophy, the Earth is considered one of the five fundamental elements, along with fire, water, metal and wood. Earth is associated with stability and grounding. Incorporating Stones into Qi Gong practice allows you to connect with the grounding energy of the Earth, fostering a deeper sense of harmony.

Stones are crystallized forms and hold their energy to the upper planes, think hogbacks. (A hogback is a long narrow ridge with a narrow crest and steep slopes.) They are consistently rising to the occasion in relationship with the patterns of the Earth. Have you ever picked up a Stone because it noticed you? They carry the capability to radiate energy. We are drawn to them with our personal, vibrational attunement. We all have Qi. This energy creates and sustains the universe. Qi is present in inanimate objects, like stones, and in living things like plants and animals, as well as in the subtle states of immaterial things like the air, light, sound and thought.

Sharing QiGong

Allow the Stone to choose you!

A smooth, rounded Stone that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand is ideal. These stones hold a balanced energy, promoting a harmonious connection with the Earth. The Stone’s connection with the Earth helps to ground and center you.

Begin your Stone Qi Gong practice:

Your regular Qi Gong practice can now include holding the Stone or placing it in your pocket. Either way, the Stone will enhance your stability, grounding and harmonious energy. The Stone acts as a conduit and enhances the smooth flow of Qi throughout your meridians. They increase your energy circulation. Visualize roots extending from your body deep into the Earth, anchoring you firmly. Feel the energy of the Earth flowing up through the stones, filling your body with stability and strength. During the practice, imagine any tension or negative energy being transferred from your body into the stones. Similarly, envision the Earth's healing energy flowing from the stones back into your body, replenishing and revitalizing you.

Deepening your practice during meditation:

Holding the stone during meditation allows for a deeper connection to your inner self.

Have you ever been on a walkabout where you were invited to climb? The ascent is innate, in our blood. This energy moves us higher. It’s where inspiration comes from. Granted, this may translate as metaphor. Metaphor is where we gain growth. Metaphor is a state of action beyond the thinking mind. It inspires our gift of awakening states so that they may materialize. We begin to live though our Spirit, our Soul. Metaphor is the vibe of the Universe. Just as I described talking to trees as “treelish”, all of Nature vibes their song for us to hear and reconnect.

Interestingly, I took a group of friends to Ojiwa and there was a display of Stones that we encountered upon our walkabout. I asked them: “what is the Stone you like the most”? Each one picked the Stone they resonated with, surprisingly attuned to their personality – including the Geologist!

Stone Qi Gong is an enriching way to explore the connection between your body and the Earth’s energy. Remember, the key to unlocking the power of Qi Gong lies in an open Heart and the willingness to connect to the energy that surrounds us.

Stone QiGong

Stones are alive. There are some that are heart stones, lung stones, sitting stones, walking stones… Each resonates with what it is. They help us unravel what is consciousness. This unfolding is both micro and macro level and leads us to cosmic truth. The vibrational level of your relationship with the Stone is what reveals the dialogue. Everything in the natural world seeks connection, oneness. Take time, next time on your walkabout, to answer the call from these beings. You intimately share this Earth with them. I invite you to connect with their ancient wisdom and yours!

“River water washing over rusty gravels, white beach sand in our toes, and towering canyon walls of solid rock seem permanent- yet they are just moments in geologic time. All of these and so much more we can’t see hidden in the eggshell we call the earth’s crust are reminders of recycling on a scale of deep time. Pick up a Stone, and if it could talk, it would tell us of continents crashing, oceans opening and closing, magmas rising and cooling and eons of rain, wind, and glaciers wearing it all away only to start the cycle once again. In these ways, stones are our keys to unlocking the mysteries of deep time.” Herb Saperstone


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