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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

mountain healing

Where do you go to quench your thirst? When you visit and enjoy places spiritually, you are building a spiritual structure. Strengthening the structure of your energy fields can be compared to “working out”. Each field requires recognition and relationship.

MOUNT SHASTA: Mt Shasta is an ancient Lemurian site that is part of the land complex heading westward toward New Zealand. Last month I went to this magical mountain to receive the Intergalactic Healing Frequency. This healing system works alone or in conjunction with your healing modalities. The Intergalactics are a form of consciousness that help raise the vibratory rate of our planet. Our focus was on major shifts in consciousness facilitated by Higher Self, Spiritual Beings and the Divine. This week long workshop was led by Gene Ang:

Bucket list these sites in Mt Shasta to accelerate your own spiritual development:

STEWART MINERAL SPRINGS: are high in Silica, Sulphur and other minerals thought to be among the most healing in the world. These baths cleanse away both energetic and astral concerns.

SACRAMENTO HEADWATERS: is the birthing place of the Sacramento River. This is one of the sacred places known to be a Lemurian Temple at Mt Shasta.

PLUTO’S CAVE: is one of the most ancient lava tube caves still in existence. This is an inner earth gateway entrance which is situated along activated ley line meridians. It was historically used as a birthing place for Native Americans. Stand in the lower middle cave and return to the womb of Mother Earth.

MEDICINE LAKE: is an integral part of the Pit River tribe spiritual tradition for over 10,000 years. The alchemy of lava with the purity of the water will recharge you.


As we have just witnessed the Autumn Equinox – take time now to attend to the sunsets. The magic of dusk will present its beauty and love. The forces of Yin and Yang come into elemental balance for day and night. Open your heart to the beauty of autumn colors not only in the trees, but in the skies as well. Include the awareness of C6 vertebra in your meditation. C6 is the power spot for cosmic energy at this time of year. Invite this vertebra to glow and breathe in golden light as it descends down to lower Dan Tien. Nourish your Qi by taking warm Epson salt baths. This practice encourages the physical body to get used to the change in temperature. Flow with the season.



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