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Good, good, good Tree Vibrations

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Breathing with Trees
Breathing with Trees

What drew me to this work? “Good, good, good, Tree vibrations!” I wanted a connection with Trees, not just to share auras of energy. I always felt that my energy practice was strong in the forest. So many fields of Qi are overlapping there. Trees share a deep relationship with the Sun and Air. Taking time to develop a relationship with a Tree became my goal for deeper wisdom. I began to learn “Treelish”. It is where I found deep wisdom from the Trees and from myself. I’ve never gone for a walk with someone in a forest where they were uncomfortable. The more time we spent walking, the less talking there was. The silent language of the forest began to take over. What I found was that the conversation began to get more silent verbally, but energetically, you are invited to go into a deeper space.

Vibration is the essence of energy. The Universe doesn’t speak English, it speaks frequency/vibration. The physical and subtle effects of a Tree’s energy are reduced to one simple idea – vibration. Everything vibrates. When you spend time with the Trees, your vibration will begin to resonate with them. You will notice different vibes from various species, just like with people. You will ignite your own ancient wisdom. Vibration is energy that descends and crystalizes to become active – just like a dream that comes true. It becomes a radiance that is measured in waves of light. In the study of auras, color is fluid and flowing.

Lessons in grounding can be taught from Trees. There are two types of current: AC and DC. AC/alternating current is manmade and powers electrical systems. The natural Universe conducts an energy current known as DC/direct current. This energy current flows through everything in Nature. We use it to function: beating heart, muscle movement, the brain’s ability to think, for a few examples. Are you beginning to realize that we are a part of this Wood Wide Web? Anything that touches the Earth becomes part of this natural current. Our bodies are highly conductive. When we choose to become a part of our global circuit, our body enters a healing and grounding state.

Energy exchange with Trees can increase our negative ions and help balance our Yin/Yang nature. Did you know that most people are lacking in negative ions? We are overexposed to positive ions: electronic devices, florescent lighting, carpet, paint, air pollution… Negative Ions are groups of atoms that have gained an electron because of environmental forces, such as sunlight or air. We thrive on a balance of negative and positive ions (one less electron).

Tree Gong is the practice of merging with Trees for mutual benefit. Trees are our planets’ natural antenna to the Universe. They provide the ideal channel for interacting with higher levels of energy. Our antenna is in the palms of our hands! In our Qi Gong practice, we integrate our Qi with Universal Qi. Imagine that you can also have a direct relationship with Trees.

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