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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

It is time to bathe in them. This past summer I enjoyed teaching and learning from other tree lovers at the First Forest Bathing International Conference in Sonoma, California. I wish to share with you an excerpt from my workshop presented on the Nature of Forest Walking. I will also provide you with a written guided journey for your experience.

To begin your forest walk, it is best to connect with the Nature of all things.

EARTH - Place your hands into soil to be grounded and feel the rise of power up from your roots.

WATER – Wade in water to feel emotionally healed. We are birthing a new tribe and rewilding our descendants. The future is flowing into the hands of our children.

AIR - Fill your lungs with fresh air from trees to feel mentally clear.

FIRE - Raise your face to the heart of the sun and connect with that fire to feel your own awesome power.

Learn the language of Nature, not English. The first things to drop away are their names – “I no longer see a rock, a tree, I only see…” They speak in metaphors, Listen deeply. We are a young species in the unfolding drama of life on earth. Establish reciprocal relationship with nature beings and understand a heightened awareness of nature’s cycles and ours. We come from earth and we return to earth over and over. We are earth in various forms like flowers. We say we die but nature transforms. As Autumn approaches, the trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go…

Commitment quickens connection. Use every cell of your body in a Nature walk. Use intuition with back and forth connection. You can feel, hear, see energy and start to form a shared language. People are stuck in learning language. For example, if you sit with someone who doesn’t speak English and spend enough time together, you start to feel each other’s emotions, etc. ENERGY is the universal interpreter. Meet in the middle with a whole body, sensory approach. Remember, when you merge with the Forest, lose thought of being human for a while. Forest Walking reveals ancient wisdom. The following hyperlink will give you a printed version of the Guided Forest Walk. Enjoy!

“Remember the plants, trees, animal life who all have their families, their histories too. Talk to them, listen to them. They are alive poems.”


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