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Tapping into your Spirit – the Schoolhouse of your Soul

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Feeling disconnected to your past, your ancestors, the world, or your spiritual sense of self? Want to know where your Spirit lives? This blog is the beginning of a five-part series to find the Schoolhouse of your Soul.

In Qi Gong, Meridians fall into the Wheel of Life and make their home in the elements of Nature. Each of the five elements is connected to a spiritual quality which is housed in the organs and contain your spirit/soul parts.

Spirit allows you to express your authenticity. It is your inner spark that activates imagination, intention and awe.

Spirit determines how you show up in the world, make connections and journey through your life experiences.

Spirit takes on a secular meaning in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), rather than taking on a religious meaning. It completes the fabric of our physiological makeup and human life.

The Schoolhouse of your Soul resides in the four seasons of your life. As Spring approaches, begin to activate your Soul’s purpose and awaken to your beautiful essence.

The Wood Element (Spring energy) is the ‘Hun’ and is housed in the Liver.

The Fire Element (Summer energy) is the ‘Shen’ and is held in the Heart.

The Earth Element (Late Summer energy) is the ‘Yi’ and is grounded in the Spleen.

The Metal Element (Fall energy) is the ‘Po’ and is contained in the Lungs.

The Water Element (Winter energy) is the ‘Zhi’ and flows in the Kidneys.

Let’s begin by activating your Spring Soul House:

Wood Element: houses the ‘Hun’.

LI 14 Gate of Hope is the last point on the Large Intestine Meridian. If this gate is shut, you may be unable to lift your eyes towards the future with optimism. It can be helpful for depression. Use it on the level of spirit. When you are feeling hopeless, open the Gate of Hope. It’s the antidote to “I give up…” Massage these points.

Location: On the radial side of the upper arm, 7 cun above LI 11 at the insertion of the deltoid muscle. (cun = anatomical inch. 1 cun is equal to the width of your thumb tip)

The ’Hun’ is tethered at birth, has a will of its own and at death, it surrenders the body. The Hun’s wandering quality is its purpose and nature. It has its own level of consciousness in its ability to connect and disengage with the Mind. This Ethereal Soul is Yang in nature and brings your inner world into awareness. The ‘Hun’ requires movement to engage. The Liver is responsible for ensuring smooth circulation throughout the body. Physically, the free flow of Liver Qi and Blood allows the ‘Hun’ to come and go.

The methods I share in the next few blogs can be thought of as acupressure for the Soul. It is a physical way to refocus your life and reactivate participation in destiny.

I encourage you to search your thoughts about Soul beliefs. Each of our interpretations are valuable information “Soul-to-Soul”.


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