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Spring In Your Steps

Qi rises from the Lower Dan Tien and begins a season-long ascent to the upper body during Spring. As it passes through the Middle Dan Tien, it encounters the Liver. Liver controls the flow of Qi & Blood like a slow tide coming up from winter storage. The Element is Wood and the color is green. Wood wants to go forward. Trees, plants and people reach out to welcome the Sun in the East.

What causes the tree to bud out? The answer is Rising Yang Qi. This force ascends upon our life while the dominant Yin Qi of Winter slowly wanes. What shift do you feel in your roots? The cyclical movement of Qi causes the change of seasons. Watch the birds and animals for clues. Spring will let you know when it arrives. Ease into Spring like Nature does – she doesn’t follow our calendar.

Enjoy this spring season in good health

If you are not balanced, you cannot handle the change of Seasons. Seasonal allergy has its own pattern. Illness happens first in the meridian level, not through the skin. Meridians lie in the fascia trains or kinetic chains. Spleen 5 can help with allergy (located below and distal to the medial malleolus, the prominent bone on the inner ankle). Another location is Liver 20, (located one cun lateral to the nostril). Relief can be had with ginger and astragalus teas. Any Yoga version of spinal twist stimulates circulation of the Liver flow.

Spring takes several weeks to unfold. In the same way we can slowly modify our cooking. Add fresh greens and lighter cooking methods – steam and saute. Introduce slightly boiling vegetables. To help us blossom like the plants, begin using foods with upward energy such as: asparagus, broccoli, bok choy, carrots, celery, scallion, chive that provide Rising Yang Qi. Sour foods contract and give quickening energy such as: sourdough bread, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and lemon. Lightly fermented foods are helpful to release stagnated Winter energy.

Walk Qi fully. It is time to move with Spring in your step. Be mindful of your daily path. Make each step a gesture, leaving each footprint as an impression of peace. Discover the natural rhythm of your breath. It is your signature tempo. Notice beauty in your space, both externally and internally. Smile with every cell of your body as you celebrate Spring!



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