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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

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The Universe has not deserted you. You know the importance of solitude, alone time - it gives you strength. Maturity can include being empty. You have the right to find your own inner peace. When is the last time you played with anything? When is the last time you walked in the park and enjoyed being with yourself? “I deserve to be happy.” Been there? Done that? I came across a scribbled note from a decade ago that got me through a difficult period of time. Words of Wisdom want to be shared. "I deserve to be happy" and when I really believed it, I kept these words close by for their healing vibration and momentum: “the true nature of my Heart is to be happy.”

The journey is the approach. The search is the method. Humor and imagination is used to leverage the individual ego in all its’ complexity. Here we search for the most authentic self. That’s not the goal though. It is an evolution to be lived. There is no better way to find your most authentic self than by getting lost! In the state of being lost, we discover solitude. Solitude is sacred space. Getting lost keeps us humble. It also keeps us in a constant state of astonishment so we can be open to new experiences. Enter the Labyrinth of Enlightenment with courage in your Heart and laughter. There you will find adventure. Overcoming comfort gracefully gives us independence. It’s OK that our finite perspective cannot grasp an infinite reality. Our sense of humor is our saving grace. Through this evolution we may discover our most authentic self, so being lost is the way to be found. We might as well have a good laugh about it. “We are a profoundly overwhelmed being dwarfed by an unfathomable Universe. “ (Thank you Gary McG for your expanded insight.) May the relief of laughter rinse your SPIRIT.


Shamanism is the mother of Qi Gong. In my years of Shamanic practice, I have discovered a road map to Spirit/Shen. These blogs are an evolution of my insights that I wish to share because the teaching are soul size. How to approach being lost? Qi Gong is an excellent system that introduces us on how to sync our body, mind and spirit energy or Qi into one fluid system.

Gaining courage through uncertainty seems difficult. The best way to begin when we approach an uncertain situation is through certainty we have over our own body, mind and spirit. By being able to listen and coordinate the energy within our being, we can better approach uncertain situations by extending the certainty we have internally. Spirit flourishes when Yin and Yang organs and emotions are in harmony, then body and spirit are unified. When we are in harmony with ourselves and our world, we are an expression of Spirit.

Heart, soul, spirit, shen, yoga, qi gong, shamanism

HEART HEALING SOUND to release negative emotion is HAW. When unfavorable emotions arise, they are circulated into the muscles, organs, bones and brain and become charged with the emotional quality. Medical Qi Gong is a powerful way to treat Shen conditions.

HEART BREATH: first intention is to release the unfavorable emotion. Second is to allow the natural virtue of the Heart organ and Shen to unfold. With practice, these qualities will enter the blood and circulate, energize and restore. The sound is HAW. Inhale and bring hands to prayer pose. Exhale slow and long HAW sound while extending arms 90% of full extension. What word is released? (Impatience, hatred…) Do a few repetitions and then cover Heart with hands and smile to the Heart organ with love.

SPINAL MEDITATION: This week is the first phase of the start of Spring in the Chinese seasonal calendar. Springtime is gradually unfolding. Have you noticed that the mood of nature is shifting? We are nature as well, and it is time for us to also begin the beginnings. Allowing yourself “not to know” results in endless possibilities. Welcoming enlightened ignorance creates space for a new guiding energy. The vertebra associated with this empowerment is Lumbar 2/L2. This spinal meditation collects Universal Qi energy and exhales to L2. Repeat several times. Then inhale from L2 and exhale a glowing light to your bones and organs. Repeat several times. Finally, inhale and collect light and energy into your Lower Dan Tien. Give yourself a few moments to soak in this warm and reignited glow.


The inner child in me honors the inner child in you. Sacred play is a way to invent the world, invent reality. Those who can’t play find their inner child is a cog in a clockwork. What puts the cosmic joke in check is deep laughter. Let’s be play oriented rather than job oriented. Work hard, but play hard for balance. The illusion is that we are grown up, when in reality, we are always growing. The Heart chakra, Anahata, in Sanskrit means something that cannot be destroyed because it is beyond the realm of the physical world. Since the Heart chakra is located in the thoracic region, Bridge and Cobra are are a few good Heart opening poses. To enhance their energetic shift, the root sounds of OHM/YUM are chanted with the pose. This pronunciation is responsible for reaching the highest point, because OHM helps reach the crown chakra and then connects the Heart chakra at the highest point with YUM.

Just BE with me – signed: the Moon, the Stars, my Heart, my Laughter, my Soul, my Breath.


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