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Microcosmic Energy Acceleration Orbit Meditation


Microcosmic Energy Acceleration Orbit Meditation mp3.  This version of the Microcosmic Orbit gives you energy to begin with. The first rotation starts from the connection to the Divine 6 inches above the crown of the head and travels down the front with Yang/Fire. Yang rotation builds the energy body. The second rotation travels down the back of the body to cool and purify with Yin/Water. The third rotation completes with Yang/Fire. This practice is especially good for healers who want to increase their ability to move Qi/Prana and strengthen their Kinetic Ether field. It is a moving meditation because it moves Qi/Prana and accelerates the Kavic seeds in your chakras. On further exploration, make this your own healing path! For example, your rotation can run along any one of the subtle bodies outside of the physical realm – Etheric, Astral… They can also be run on Jin Shin Jyutsu Safety Energy Locks that need attention, awareness and healing. Sitting Savasana is also a good place to fill yourself inside and out. This Orbit is a great way to tend your energy fields.