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The essence of Spirit to heal past wounds lies within your Soul. How is it assembled? The Soul is treatable and responds well to Energy Medicine. It craves it like finding a long, lost relative. The Soul has meridians and points. Human anatomy grows from the energy anatomy of the Soul. Let us continue from the last blog about Spirit. I am referring to “Three Steps to Finding Your Spirit”.

Becoming familiar with these two points (one on each side) allows you to Mind Sense them so that you can get back on track with your Souls’ purpose. When to use these precious points? When you begin to listen to all thoughts in your head as truths. When you begin to believe everything you hear. When you have a gut feeling, but refuse to listen to it. Lonny Jarrett, author of Nourishing Destiny, is my source to share.

Massaging, pressing or meditating on these points gives them a dose of Energy Medicine.

PC 6 Neiguan/ Inner Gate is the point that opens the pathway to the Soul. It connects to your Yin Bridge. (PC Pericardium) Location: two cun proximal to anterior wrist joint at mid-arm

TW 5 Waiguan/Outer Gate connects the Soul and physical body to your purpose. It connects to your Yang Bridge. (TW Triple Warmer) Location: two cun proximal to TW 4 between the radius and ulna

GB 18 Cheng Ling/Receiving Spirit activates the Ancestral Spirit and unifies the Mind & Body. (GB Gall Bladder) Location: six cun superior to GB 20

K 25 Shen Cang/Treasury of Hiding Place of Spirit holds dreams, visions, and secrets of the Heart to be revealed. (K Kidney) Location: on the chest, in the second intercostal space, two cun lateral to anterior midline

HT 7 ShenMen/Spirit Gate is the source and Earth point of the Heart Meridian that nourishes and stabilizes a scattered Soul. It allows you to recognize and cherish your unique inner beauty. It inspires and motivates the Soul. (HT Heart) Location: on the ulnar aspect of the distal wrist crease when palm faces upward, at the wrist joint

HT 4 LingDao/Spirit Path responds to Shen’s insight. It is the organized intent of manifesting purpose. It helps to resolve grief in the Heart so that a positive shift can realign the Heart to manifest your Souls’ purpose. (HT Heart) Location: on the ulnar aspect two cun proximal to the wrist.

Measurement points: the basic measurement is the cun, pronounced “soon”. One cun is approximately the distance between the distal end of the proximal phalanx end of the distal phalanx of the middle finger. It is sometimes called an acu-inch or a thumb’s width. In simpler terms: the thumb’s width equals one cun. The index and middle fingers measured across the mid knuckle equal one and a half cun. All four fingers measured at mid knuckle equal 3 cun. Always use your own hand for accuracy.

Affairs are now soul-sized so…“To thine own self be true.”


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